Nydia, the new cobla music from Catalonia (2002)

Collection of cobla works by contemporary Catalan composers. It includes CD ROM track with interviews to the composers, dance choreographies and a didactic video about the cobla.

1-3 | Suite de 'Terra baixa' — Albert Guinovart.
4 | Akelarre — Francesc Cassú.
5 | So d’onze i percussió — Salvador Brotons.
6 | Mil·leni — Jesús Ventura.
7 | Escenes de circ — Albert Carbonell.
8 | Preludi i fuga, per a cobla — Xavier Pagès-Corella.
9-13 | Suite relativament còmica — Joan Josep Blay.

Nydia Cobla.
8 | Xavier Pagès-Corella (conductor).


Author Fundation of Catalonia and SGAE Multimedia Studios — Barcelona (Spain)
14th to 19th of December of 2001.
Pedri González (sound engineer).
TVC (Television of Catalonia) Edicions i Publicacions S. A. (edition and production).

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