Eureka!, for Piano (2019)

Instrumentation | Piano

Duration | 5 minutes.

Première | Paranimf de la Universitat de Barcelona | 8th of May of 2019 | David Casanova

Comments | Eureka! is a work for piano written to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Idibell, a research center specializing in biomedicine. This work is inspired by the moment Archimedes discovered the well-known principle that would later bring his name, the meter submerged in the bathtub by shouting the expression that would become universally famous: "Eureka". The legend says that the scientific disdain, overwhelmed by emotion, came out shouting in the street without remembering dressing up, which caused the enormous surprise of its fellow citizens. The work tries to convey, through thrilling rhythms, sounds inside the piano and even the voice of the performer, the growing emotion that Archimedes could have heard during this curious story of the history of science.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (PDF Edition).

Video On-Line

| Live recording of the premiere.

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