H2O, for Pierrot Quintet

Instrumentation | Pierrot Quintet

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano.

Duration | 12 minutes.

Première | Ateneu Barcelonès (Barcelona, Spain) | 21st of May if 2012 | Grup Fundació Música Contemporània: Ramon Vilalata (Flute), Francesc Puig (Clarinet), Jesús Lira (Violin), Nabí Cabestany (Violoncello), Astrid Steinschaden (Piano) and Xavier Pagès (Conductor).

Comments | This work is inspired in the 3 states of water (H2O). The title of each section correspond to one of these states (Ice, Water and Steam). It is dedicated to Grup21.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (PDF Edition).

Video On-Line

| Ateneu Barcelonès (Barcelona, Spain) | 21st of May of 2012.
| Grup Fundació Música Contemporània, Xavier Pagès-Corella (Conductor).

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