Juan Latino Suite, for Orchestra

Instrumentation | Orchestra

Flute 1., Flute 2. (also Piccolo), Oboe 1., Oboe 2., Clarinet in Bb 1., Clarinet in Bb 2., Bassoon 1., Bassoon 2., Horn in F 1., Horn in F 2., Trumpet in C 1., Trumpet in C 2., Percussion 1., Percussion 2., Violins 1., Violins 2., Violas, Violoncellos, Contrabasses

Duration | 25 minuts.

Première | Auditorio Manuel de Falla (Granada, Spain) | 4th of April of 2018 | Orquesta Ciudad de Granada; Xavier Pagès-Corella (conductor)

Comments | This work was commissioned by the Orquesta Ciudad de Granada to illustrate the life ofJuan Latino, a black slave who became cathedratic of Latin at the Granada University in the 16th century. It is inspired in several music styles influenced by african music.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (PDF Edition).

Video On-Line

| Recording of the première (Youtube Playlist of 4 videos).

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