A trip to Jupiter, for cobla (2008)

Instrumentation | Flabiol (Pipe) in F and Tamborí (Tabor), Tible (Treble Shawm) in F 1., Tible (Treble Shawm) in F 2., Tenora (Tenor Shawm) in Bb 1., Tenora (Tenor Shawm) in Bb 2., Trumpet in Bb 1., Trumpet in Bb 2., Trombone in C, Fiscorn (Bass Flugel Horn) in C 1., Fiscorn (Bass Flugel Horn) in C 2., Contrabass.

Duration | 8 minutes.

Premiere | Festival Castell de Peralada 2008 (Girona, Spain) | 26th of July 2008 | Commissioned by the Castell de Peralada Festival 2008 and premiered with the collaboration of Amunt Produccions. It is conceived to be performed together with the film A trip to Jupiter with direction, photography, and special effects by Segundo de Chomón, as it is conserved in the Film Library of Catalonia (original copy of the Nederlands Filmmuseum of Amsterdam).

Comments | Obra encargo del Festival Castell de Peralada 2008 y estrenada con la colaboración de Amunt Produccions. Está concebida para ser interpretada juntamente con la película Viaje a Júpiter con dirección, fotografía y trucajes de Segundo de Chomón, tal y como se conserva a la Filmoteca de Cataluña (copia procedente del Nederlands Filmmuseum de Amsterdam).

Synopsis | The film begins in a room of a medieval palace, where a King is receiving an astronomy lesson. He has the opportunity to observe the wonders of the universe through a telescope, and also in a magical book. After the lesson, the King decides that he is tired and goes to the bedroom accompanied by the Astronomer and the Buffoon. Once asleep, he has a dream inspired by the emotions he experienced during the lesson:

The King finds a ladder just beside his bed, which he does not hesitate to climb. During the ascent, he sees the same celestial bodies that he saw during the astronomy lesson. When he sees Jupiter, he jumps and lands to the planet. There he will find some strange natives who will bring him to the God Jupiter. The King will explain his adventure to him, but when it seemed that he was going to receive a friendly salutation from the God, he starts punish him and decides to expel him from the planet. The King begins his way down the ladder. Suddenly, the ladder is cut and he begins to fall till clashing against the sleeping Buffoon. They both wake up with a great surprise.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (Edició en PDF).


| Original film by Segundo de Chomón with the recording of the premiere:

| Recording of the premiere with score:

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