Ring of Bells (2003)

Other titles | Ring of bells (Catalan) — Repique de campanas (Spanish).


| Solo mezzo-soprano, two-part choir.

| Flute, string quartet (2 violins, viola, violoncello). It can be performed with string orchestra instead of a quartet (additional bass part included).

Duration | 4 minutes.

Premiere | Quartet version. Cervera's University Paranymph — Cervera (Spain) | 23rd of April of 2004.

Text | On a poem of the same title by Marisa Alejandre, originally written in Catalan.

Comments | Commissioned by the IES Antoni Torroja of Cervera for the 25th Anniversary of the Literary Competition of Sant Jordi.


Partitures | Influx Sheet Music (Edició en PDF).

Àudio En-Línia | | Live recording of the premiere.

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