Grotesque variations (2005)

Other titles | Variacions grotesques (Catalan) — Variaciones grotescas (Spanish).

Instrumentation | Eleven-musician cobla (1 flabiol and tamborí, 2 tibles, 2 tenores, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, 2 flugelhorns, 1 contrabass), 1 percussionist (2 timpani).

Duration | 8 minutes.


| Cobla, Choir and Dance Cycle Palau de la Música — Barcelona (Spain) | 4th of March of 2006.

| Sant Jordi Cobla — City of Barcelona, Santi Molas (percussion), Xavier Pagès-Corella (conductor).


| Commissioned by the Orfeó Català Foundation - Palau de la Música 2005.

| It is been composed using the variation technique, over a theme of a chamber opera by the same composer, Bruna de nit. The eleven variations are linked without interruption, creating an effect of accelerando till the climax of the work on a sustained trill in the high register. The theme which generates the work, never appears in its original form.

Discography | Concert music for cobla — Volume III.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (PDF Edition).

Audio On-Line | | Cobla Sant Jordi — City of Barcelona. Xavier Pagès-Corella (Conductor).

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