Intricate Canon (2002)

Other titles | Cànon enrevessat (Catalan) — Un canon peculiar (Spanish).

Instrumentation | Three-part equal-voice choir.

Duration | Indefinite.


| Jardí Theater — Figueres — Girona (Spain) | 24th of May of 2003.
| Lutiana Choir — Cristina Zamorano (conductor), Xavier Pagès-Corella (conductor).

Text | It is originally written in Catalan by the composer, and also translated to be sang in Spanish (download pdf).

Comments | Winner of the canonic category of the Reus Prices 2002 (17th edition).


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (PDF Edition).

Audio On-Line | Lutiana Choir, Xavier Pagès-Corella (Conductor).

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