Ceràunia, for cobla (2000)

Instrumentation | Pipe (Flabiol) in F, Treble Shawm (Tible) in F 1., Treble Shawm (Tible) in F 2., Tenor Shawm (Tenora) in Bb 1., Tenor Shawm (Tenora) in Bb 2., Trumpet in Bb 1., Trumpet in Bb 2., Trombone, Bass Flugel Horn (Fiscorn) in C 1., Bass Flugel Horn (Fiscorn) in C 2., Contrabass..

Duration | 5 minutes.

Premiere | Teatre Jardí — Figueres (Girona, Spain) | 20th of May of 2000 | Cobla Ciutat de Girona.

Comments | Winner of the Francesc Basil Memorial 2000. Its title has no relation with the music. It was chosen for its sonority and it corresponds to the name of a prehistoric stone axe.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (Edició en PDF).

Video | Recording with score:

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