Twelve lustrum, for cobla (2006)

Instrumentation | Pipe (Flabiol) in F, Treble Shawm (Tible) in F 1., Treble Shawm (Tible) in F 2., Tenor Shawm (Tenora) in Bb 1., Tenor Shawm (Tenora) in Bb 2., Trumpet in Bb 1., Trumpet in Bb 2., Trombone, Bass Flugel Horn (Fiscorn) in C 1., Bass Flugel Horn (Fiscorn) in C 2., Contrabass..

Duration | 5 minutes.

Premiere | Grec Festival de Barcelona — Plaça del Rei — Barcelona (Spain) | 9th of July 2006 | Cobla Sant Jordi - Ciutat de Barcelona, Xavier Pagès-Corella (conductor).

Comments | It was awarded with a special mention about innovation by the Jury of the Memorial Fèlix Martínez Comín 2006. The title is related to the 60th anniversary of the creation of the dance group Violetes del Bosc.


Scores | Influx Sheet Music (Edició en PDF).

Video | Recording with score:

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